Do you have a broken lift or elevator malfunction? Count on us

If you have a maintenance service contract with FAIN in your community, building or property and the elevator is broken or there is a lift breakdown, contact us, our technical team will come in less than 2 hours (within your contracted repair schedule) to fix the lift.
Contact us for free at any time of the day, any day of the year


At FAIN we are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.
That’s why, in case of breakdown in your elevator, just notify our customer service team and we will respond at any time and free of charge.

Contact us at 0134 047 119 or notify your incident from your cell phone via WhatsApp, or email.

Also, remember that, if you have a maintenance contract with FAIN, we are committed to attend in less than 2 hours (within the repair schedules contemplated in your contract) to solve the failure that has caused the elevator to be broken.

In the event of any lift breakdown, or if the elevator not working, we cannot solve it.

We are experts in multi-brand maintenance and that is why you can also count on us even if the faulty elevator is linked to a maintenance contract of another company. In addition, if you hire our services, we will ensure the good health of your device by performing monthly preventive maintenance of your equipment and we are also at your side to perform corrective maintenance work, meaning, all those eventual repairs that, unfortunately, are necessary throughout the life of your elevator.

Contact us, let our technicians offer you the best solution in less than 2 hours and you will be able to keep calm, knowing that you are in the best hands. And if you want to hire our services for the future, we offer you the best conditions and different types of contract depending on your needs. Because we care about your elevator and we know that it offers great advantages of mobility and accessibility, we take it very seriously.

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The best technology attending all types of breakdowns

Our contact center is staffed by FAIN personnel with the latest technology at their disposal to ensure that you receive the best service in record time, as well as the fastest possible response to elevator not working notice.

That's why, among our technologies you can find our revolutionary video-wall, which geolocates all FAIN equipment and technicians giving visibility to all active incidents, their status, the nearest technicians and their availability, all in real time.

This video-wall works together with the mobility application of our technicians, a proprietary development that streamlines the management, communication and closure of all the breakdown or maintenance reports that your equipment may present.

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Is FAIN not your maintenance company in case of elevator breakdown?

If you do not have a breakdown maintenance contract with us, we can also take care of your broken lift.
Regardless of make or model. If your elevator is not working, contact us and let us help you.
We are available 24 hours a day to prevent accidents and to solve all kinds of incidents.

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