Specialists in lift servicing and maintenance since 1972

Experts in the maintenance, upgrading and installation of lifts and elevation systems. We are able to maintain any brand of lift thanks to the continuous training of our technical team.

Fast, efficient and high-quality service thanks to the use of new technologies and our technical team's capillarity.

We offer personalized advice on all types of projects: accessibility, energy efficiency improvements, installation of lifts in properties without them, new construction, replacement and upgrading of lifts. Any mobility solution, any brand.

Lift maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance work that can detect in a timely manner any abnormalities that may pose a threat to its users must be carried out in lifts, escalators, garage doors or stairlifts for them to work properly.

Regular checks on the correct operation of elevation platforms are essential, for the purpose of safety and comfort and to avoid potential high costs related to undetected breakdowns, which are initially small problems that can become a considerable expense.

FAIN has been providing maintenance services in all types of elevation systems of any brand for more than 50 years, which guarantees the customer’s elevation system being taken care of by the best human and technical resources available. Because maintaining your system does not only maximise its reliability, but it also guarantees a longer service life.

The importance of this service is such that many lifting equipments require by law, in order to be in operation, a current contract that regulates its maintenance.


Eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria

FAIN provides you with prevention and disinfection measures to minimise the risk of contagion


Anticipate the analogue switch-off

In two years time analogue lines will no longer be operational. Guarantees the safety of your loved ones by contracting with FAIN a digital line for your system, with no installation costs and with the guarantee that the contracted line will comply with the current regulations.