FAIN - Lift service company adapted to your needs

We are a Spanish company with international presence and a leader in the lift sector.

We have over 60 years of experience in multi-brand maintenance, support and installation.

We work towards improving your quality of life and that of your loved ones. That is why our motto is #CommitedToYou

FAIN Maintenance

Experts in the maintenance, upgrading and installation of lifts and elevation systems. We are able to maintain any brand of lift thanks to the continuous training of our technical team. Fast, efficient and high-quality service thanks to the use of new technologies and our technical team's capillarity. We offer personalised advice on all types of projects: accessibility, energy efficiency improvements, installation of lifts in properties without them, new construction, replacement and upgrading of lifts.

FAIN commitments

Each of our commitments is endorsed by Management and supported by tools that enable us to measure their degree of fulfilment. Discover some of them:

Always available

We arrive at lift entrapments in less than 30 minutes and to notifications in less than 2 hours.

Multi-brand maintenance

There is no lift too complex for us. We are the genuine multi-brand expert

More sustainable, less consumption

Our products and services are increasingly environmentally friendly.

+ 60

years of experience

+ 700


+ 47.000

lifts under maintenance

Discover what we can do for you

We know that each customer is different. As a result, we offer a wide range of products and services to accommodate all types of needs.



We help you adapt your building for people with reduced mobility. Spanning from comprehensive .adaptation projects to simpler solutions, such as installing stairlifts and vertical lifts.


Property without a lift

We provide the most innovative solutions, with the possibility of installing the system in stairwells, façades, patios or other locations within the property.


New construction

We provide a quote for installing your lift, with no strings attached, where we adapt to the available space and help you in each stage of the project.



We recommend this revolutionary lift, which does not require a machine room and with which we have achieved unrivalled levels of comfort, reliability and energy savings.



It is not only a motto, but also a statement of intent from each current and future member of the extensive FAIN family. Consistency, the ability to listen and responding with actions perfectly define our service.

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